February 6, 2010

Jay Severin, like many rightwacks, doesn’t know the Constitution

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jay severin is a rightwack on boston 96.9 talk radio (I use lower case ‘jay, like many rightwacks, talks about the democrat (sic) party instead of the democratic party.

On Friday, 05 Feb 2010, at about 5 PM, mr severin was ranting about how the census is a democrat liberal plot. He said this twice, then remembered that a decennial census is required by the constitution.
so he changed his tone – the census is not a democrat plot, but the way they are doing it is nefarious, they are trying to count all people, instead of counting just americans, as the constitution demands
poor jay; apparently he has not read the constitution recently:
Representatives shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each State, excluding Indians not taxed.
So, the 14th amendment, article two, says to count “whole number of persons….excluding Indians not taxed”
Perhaps mr severin has trouble reading, the text says whole number of PERSONS, so it would seem to me that people like mr severin are both ignorant of the constitution, and are treasonous traitors, because they are attempting to subvert the democratic partys attempt to honestly fulfill amendment 14.

Parenthetically, it is not that easy to find a clear, readable copy of the constitution on line: those at various gov’t sites are broken up in ways that make them hard to follow.


January 18, 2010

Newton, MA

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Newton, MA is a wealthy suburb just west of Boston.

Newton is known for it’s educated population – Professors from Harvard, MIT, and other shools; doctors from the world renowned Boston hospitals; lawyers, accountants, scientists from Biotech

Despite this, the populace are slobs: I personally have frequently seen people go up to a trash barrel that is literaly over flowing and wathc them place their trash on the ground, because they could not balance their cup or wrapper on the overflowing pile.

I wonder if the people of newton, almost all white, would use the “N” word if they saw a black person do this in boston